Not An Option{0}

Power statements will help us stay on our right path. When faced with adversity or negativity you can actually rise above the circumstance by empowering yourself to do so.

Temptations are plenty, and we need to have the courage to know what uplifts us and what is holding us back. When tempted by that which you know is not good for you, simply tell yourself emphatically, “It’s Not An Option” and walk away.  

People can easily invade our dance space, and we need to know that for the most part it’s not personal.  Some people are so trapped in transference, they are blinded by it and know not what they do. When tempted to engage in this negative behavior, simply tell yourself without any doubt, “It’s Not An Option” and walk away.

Boundaries are often crossed, and we need to adhere to the fact that we shouldn’t be walking around with a chain fence around us anyway. They are tests. It’s a big world out there and we are going to encounter all kinds of people and circumstances that try to get the best of us.  When tempted by an altercation, simply tell yourself authoritatively, “It’s Not An Option” and walk away.

When we stay in our place of power our invisible shields of protection will preserve our free-will. Know in your heart that karma really is a boomer-rang.  When given the opportunity to have empathy choose to do so.  The more you stay in your place of positivity the more gifts you will receive in life.

Know that anyone or anything that comes at us trying to take us from our place of power happens to be lost.  And also know that any negativity that is thrusted toward us, if not received will bounce back ten fold.  Knowing this, try to use your power to bathe the negativity in light and then toss it back, multiplying ten fold.  Know they are blinded by whatever hurts they have experienced. You can see things for what they really are. You can walk away.

When you are in a place of empowerment, spreading love is the only option.

What do you choose?

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