Pocket full of Empty{0}

Time passes and doesn’t ever wait. Like a train in the night it will show us the scenery if we can focus long enough on the landscape whizzing by.  We jump off from time to time to see what’s in store for us and when we’re ready, we get back on.

Rustling through our pockets we find our ticket, stamped over time like the passport of a world traveler.  Branded once again we stuff it back away and we head down the aisle to find our new seat.  We have no luggage here. We have our armor, our knowledge, and our memories.

Traveling through the experiences we’re lucky if we learn something. We learn to treat people a little nicer. We commit to not engaging in negativity.  We familiarize ourselves with hope.  We acquire skills that ensure our successes. We embrace humility so our mistakes will catapult us forward.  We become proficient in self forgiveness. We memorize what makes us happy. We hold hands when we feel alone.  We try to smile when we feel sad.  We establish relationships that make us want to be better people.  We stay away from those that bring us down.  We soak up the beauty in life. We gain comprehension. We assimilate growth. We love.
We commit to being along for the ride and we are open to where it might take us.  We reinvent ourselves when is needed and we embrace the change. We don’t always make calculated guesses and sometimes we throw caution to the wind.
Sometimes the sound of coming to a stop wakes us from a slumber and we realize so many stops have passed us and that’s okay because now we are well rested and aware.
It’s then we realize it’s time to get off and we won’t be getting back on for awhile, so at the next stop we empty our pockets, letting our ticket fall to the floor, because for now, we’re home.
Where’s your ride taking you?

photo from brendonburchard.com