Thought Modification{0}

Are you ready to embrace who you are and stop making excuses? Are you prepared to set aside the enabling patterns and get to work? Isn’t it time for the modernized, revised, upgraded, reinvented, up to date, new and improved version of you?

It’s time for a mind shift. Time to change ourselves from the inside out. Time to treat our body and our heart like the temples that they are.  Time to honor our chosen path and respect our spirits. It’s time to upgrade our software.

Software is rewritable language that improves the flow and functionality of our computers. We depend on the upgrades and we are quick to install them.  The software we choose is specific to what are needs are and we select them with care. We can also spend a lot of money on them making the commitment to treat our computers and thus our livelihoods with the utmost respect.

Well what if we thought of ourselves as living breathing working machines? Then wouldn’t that make our thoughts our software?  And since we have established that software is rewritable language, then isn’t it highly plausible that we can rewrite our thoughts?  Wouldn’t we want to choose our thoughts with care?

Influenced by a workshop that I did with Greg Dinkin, Author, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker ( I did a little ritual of releasing my old software and ran the install for the new and improved version.

One of the simple things he mentioned that really got me thinking was how most people think they must “have” so then they “do” so that things will “be”. But Greg switched it on us.  He presented the idea that we should “be” which would inspire us to “do” and therefore  we will “have”.  This one small adjustment in perspective and you’ll find yourself in the present moment at all times.

Here is a link to the Be Do Have Paradigm. (A dialogue between the author, Neale Donald Walsch, and “GOD” as he refers to the inspirational flow of information that came through to him) from the book Conversations with God.

The power is within us. And we are not alone. Whether we are afraid of failure or afraid of success. The operative word here is afraid and there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Some thing is only scary if you haven’t done it before. Once you try it, there’s nothing to be scared of anymore. Action dominates fear.

Pick a goal and give it a chosen feeling. This creates awareness of your feelings. What is your software (story) you have given to this feeling in the past? Figure out what the best tool for you is to change the feeling and right away (like now) take consistent action.

One of the easiest ways we came up with to help us get into action is to turn on some music. Sing, dance, do whatever makes you laugh and know that music will change your current state instantly. It is uplifting (if you aren’t playing high school break up music) and that is our goal here. To uplift our spirits.

You ready for the upgrade?


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