When In Doubt, Post-It{0}


How are your resolutions holding up? Are you still embarking on your 30 day challenges? What are you doing to keep up the momentum?

Baby steps, little reminders and a lot of love will go a long way to accomplishing your endeavors.

If your goal was to get the gym everyday, you can’t be hard on yourself if you had a long day at work and you can’t get there. But what you can do, is something to show yourself you can keep your commitments and you respect yourself enough to follow through. Before you get in bed, do push-ups, sit-ups or even some jumping jacks.  This will send a positive message of accomplishment to your brain and help you hold true to your word.

If you ate both pieces of bread with your sandwich at lunch and you were meant to cut back on the carbs then for dinner have a vegetable medley or a salad with no dressing. Make up in some way for your splurge by cutting back on something else. This way you are still keeping your pledge to follow through with a healthier meal regimen.

If you are getting caught up in the frustration of not seeing the extra pounds melt away, or the bank account is still lacking or you just can’t keep yourself motivated for whatever goals you set for yourself, be patient. Change takes time and can be gradual. But lasting change is worth the hours, sweat and regulations you put on yourself to help you achieve your desires. And lets face it, we are our most important investment.

Suggestion. Get a pad of post-its and write little notes to yourself. Stick the post-it notes all over your house, car and if your area is private, at work. Write your encouragements, and affirmations. Always state them in the positive first person and as if you have already accomplished that desire. Be creative, be silly, be serious, be whatever it takes for you to know that you are on the right path and doing a little something everyday is better than doing nothing.

Here are some examples for your posit-it notes:


I am so beautiful (handsome) / I have the best smile / I am approachable / I love you

Inside Front Door:

I embrace every opportunity / I seize the day / CARPE DIEM!


Underwear drawer – I am so sexy / beautiful / perfect / hot


I eat healthy / I eat my veggies / I am nutritious  / I eat fruit for desert

Misc (near your bed so they are the last ones you see):

I worked out today / I ate healthy / I am starting to see a difference / I am so proud of myself / What a great day! / I am so blessed / I am so grateful / I am  so __________