New and Improved{1}

In a society obsessed with bigger and better, enriched and enhanced, and the ever changing latest and greatest, it is inevitable that we change a little everyday. We are on a path to better ourselves and in doing so we experiment with new approaches, we keep up on the latest trends and we find events to participate in that spark our interests.

In our personal evolution to be the best that we can be, we develop a desire to expand our interpretations. We seek out new information in new and interesting ways. We endeavor to think outside the box and connect with that which moves us forward. We are constantly on a quest to get it right. We have encounters with things gone wrong. We condition ourselves and then we redefine ourselves based on new synapses.

A friend told me once that she was impressed with my ability to constantly reinvent myself.  It took me a minute to find the compliment in her statement. I thought I was lost, a gypsy roaming through life trying to find her place in the world she almost didn’t get to be a part of.  But life was taking hold of me all along. It was showing me that adaptation is the foundation for aligning with our proper future and our true selves. The events of my life were necessary so the words you read could be possible, just as your life has been leading you to your purpose and where you are now.

Have you ever done something and then afterward exclaimed, “It changed my life, I am new person!”.  Take a minute and look back into your past. How many times have you uttered those words?

I hope you say those words often and you are out there challenging yourself to be better. I hope you are in cooperation with your moments and you know that the more you use the phrase, “I am a new person”, the more you are growing and improving. The more you are living. The more you are changing.

We have choice and with choice comes change.  What if it were possible that the modifications could change our very make up and we could become the new and improved version of ourselves?

Today is our day 30 of 30 in our 30 day challenge! If you upheld your end of the bargain and your intention to see this through, you are now a new person.

The first step in transformation is to align yourself with your desires. The new you in this moment is the improved version of who you were yesterday. Progress through your moments. Try new things, test the theories and partake in the experiments. Be emphatic in your statements when you ask for what you want. Be clear and concise and know that the alternative is not an option. Have undeniable faith in the Universe’s ability to give you what you ask for.

Set out to encounter experiences that make you a new person and see what happens.

What have you go to lose?


This blog entry was inspired by Joe, Kenitra & Shani.. thank you for the introductions, the lessons and the life changing experiences.


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