It’s hard to grasp an idea that doesn’t align with what we were taught. For the most part we adopt a way of life that is synonymous with what our parents did.  We were impressionable and we believed them for their ever seeming know how and educating tone.

But as we mature so do our thoughts. The necessary evolution of making our own decisions is inevitable. We establish our boundaries and we embrace our own belief systems based on religion, culture, or other worldly investigations.

Regardless of what drives us in any given direction we should ride the momentum and see where it takes us. We should support others in their points of view even if it is contrary to ours. With an open mind and clear conscious we might actually learn something.

Respecting another persons convictions is a path to mutual energy exchanges. You wouldn’t want someone to come and steal your opinions away any more than you would want them to steal your purse or wallet.

Figure out a way to stop judging and stop trying to persuade others to whatever side of the fence you happen to be on. This is isn’t Humpty Dumpty. No one is going to shatter to pieces because they believe something different than you.

On the contrary, the more we allow everyone their differences the more we can learn, expand and evolve. Align yourself with your truth by knowing that true alignment comes when we look within.  It is only when we truly know who we are that we can get to know others.

You ready to live and let live?




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