Mind over Matter{0}

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
                                                                             ~ Mark Twain

It’s a shame that our society puts so much on age.  And my latest observation is that the reason men and women date younger is because the younger generations don’t care about the number that puts the distance between them. They are too busy enjoying your company and themselves and everything else life has to offer.
We have to be careful not to be influenced by other people’s hang ups. No one cares about how old you are except yourself. Sitting across the dinner table last night I experienced first hand what happens when you let your age be more than just a number. I really do wish everyone was as young as me.
We’re evolving people! We are living longer, living healthier, and living honestly. Enjoy it. Being insecure about your age is not sexy and inflicting your inhibitions on someone else is not fair. Don’t let the years passing frighten you. There is nothing to be scared of. You are just as good looking as you were 20 years ago and if you have a few laugh lines that’s a good sign. It means you’ve been laughing.
Times have changed. Women have careers. Men stay at home with the kids. Most marriages never see their 5th year anniversaries. The media turns us into consumers and influences how we see each other and ourselves. We can’t let it.
We need to be aware that we are also more in tune with our spirituality.  We are conscious of our surroundings and intentional on leaving less of a carbon footprint. We are innately preparing for longer habitation. We should be in the best physical, spiritual and emotional shape of our lives.
Having so much of my life still to live is a fun and inspiring prospect. There’s still so much to do and see and experience. So many people to meet from every walk of life. So much to look forward to.
With age comes insight. It gives you confidence and helps you feel grounded. Your days are only numbered if you’re doing the counting. Life is long and you have to fill it. Enjoy every moment as if were your last and know that how young you feel really is up to you.  So be you.  Be ageless and don’t ever under any circumstance let anyone tell you differently.
Wear what you want
Do what makes you happy
Be unique
Don’t have regrets
Be healthy
Keep an attitude of gratitude
Be sexy
Always look your best
Know that you are like no other
Say what you will
Be true to your feelings
Be honest
Be flirtatious
Be love

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