When was the last time you had a moment that took your breath away? How did you feel? Don’t you wish you could know that kind of elation more often?

I’ve had yet another one of my W Chaser, I am in awe, it really is this simple, I love the unexpected, go with the flow, duh, kind of moments and what a relief.

Feeling passionate feels good. It’s sexy and lively and happy. If you ever think of something or someone and it triggers something in you that doesn’t feel good, move on. Your body tells you what’s right for you and your body won’t lie to you.  You have to trust it. You have to know you were meant to feel uplifted and energized.

If you have trouble staying in the moment. Give yourself an affirmation that will keep you in the moment. If your mind wonders, have an anchor to bring you back to reality.  Our thoughts can change our mood as quick as a blink so be mindful of what you think. If something gets you down be prepared with a vision or a statement and be emphatic in your intention to stay present.

If we stay in the moment we will be irresistible. If we insist on thinking the happy thoughts we will attract that which makes us feel good.

Think of your life as the big juicy ripe piece of passion fruit it was meant to be.

You’re worth it.





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