Rain Dance{0}

Work finds me busy and trying to fit it all in.  So far so good.  This morning I am reminded that it doesn’t rain enough and sometimes I get homesick for family. I have settled in to my vulnerability and it actually made me stronger. Have you  ever sat on the side of your bed and wished for something and it came true? It seems to be happening for me everyday now and I so wish the same for all of you. Wish big. Pray big. Dream big.

It never ceases to amaze me how things come around again or maybe it all really does have to come full circle.  Life has so much to offer so let’s put our best faces forward. Our smiles, our laughter, our hope and our tenacity. We are beautiful, gorgeous, intriguing, and wonderfully constructed miracles.

Let the mysterious joys of what the future holds begin.

the rain falls…

sexy is what sexy does and the rain falls around you.  the occasional glimmer of a thought, of a memory, of a dance, of a kiss, of a laugh, of a moment, of eye contact and no one looked away. a dream sequence you frequent. a propensity for laughing. luscious proclivities toward passion and a smile finds me. glittering eyes stimulated by the effervescent intrigues of the unknown.  can you picture it? green eyes lit by starlight. sparkling for you. anything is possible. demurely i wait. for you to come for me, touch me, to place me, to dance with me, all while you kiss me and i let you. sexy is what sexy does and the rain falls around me.






photo courtesy of http://sogno-italia.deviantart.com/art/New-York-Morning-Rain-181422941