The Empathy Gene{0}


Emotional responses are at the core of our unconscious makeup. We are programmed, destined and wired to react in a way that is based on the stories we grew up in.

Our interactions with people can significantly alter our state of consciousness if we don’t have a grasp on our own reality. The way we react toward the things that happen around us is a sign of where we are on our personal journey.

Just as chemical reactions will cause change, intelligent emotional reactions can create energy shifts. When we encounter self-respect we will be filled with empathy for the person who hasn’t severed their own emotional umbilical cord.

How do you react to someone in a bad mood? How do you treat others if you’re in a bad mood? Are you aware when you hurt someone’s feelings? Are you aware when your words or actions might hurt someones feelings? Do you lash out in irrational ways? Are you able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes?

Don’t you think it’s time we all became master of our emotions? It won’t happen over night but the more we practice emotional intelligence the better at it we will become. Practice makes perfect and repetition can change any habit into a positive counteraction.

The choice not to engage is not always an easy choice to make. We have been fighting all our lives. Survival of the fittest and Nature vs. nurture and all that. But evolution promises resolve. If we can find a way to detach ourselves from our negative reactors we will find ourselves living a different kind of story.  Our own story. Free from the ties that bind us.

When we let go of the ego the lessons in the adversity become loud and clear. 

Some people can’t be happy for us because they haven’t found their own happiness yet. Or maybe they can’t be happy for us because they can only relate when something goes array. It’s easy to get stuck. You placate yourself and become your own worst enabler. You have told yourself your story for so long you start to believe it. You don’t see that you are a writer and your life’s pages were meant for your pen only. You can be and do anything you want to be and do.

Becoming master of your emotions means being honest with yourself. Not always an easy task. When you engage in negative interactions you are only hurting yourselves. But when you free yourself from emotional attachments and come from a place of sympathetic understanding, the freedom is like nothing you have ever experienced. And the more you experience that kind of freedom, my guess is, the more you will want.

It won’t happen over night but keep at it. Baby steps. Once you get rooted in your own shoes it makes it easier to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Practice makes perfect.