Hunters and Gatherers A Reminder

Hunters and Gatherers A Reminder {0}

In answer to last nights dream and the strongest crossover I’ve ever experienced, I repost with new feelings about it… Energy changes between us in unspoken lessons of the past. We hunt for the meanings in the things we do that leave us perplexed and questioning. Hopefully we are paying attention. If we’re lucky we(…)


hourglass {0}

Time in an hour glass. You can try to catch the sand but the gravity pulls it thru your fingers as seamless as liquid. The bottom fills at a slow pace wrapping itself around you like a hug. Eventually it feels soft against your skin. It doesn’t mean sometimes it’s not hard to breath. The(…)


Relinquish {0}

The past week found me locked on a stage, weed whacking in the desert amidst the dust and the chaos of explosions, in Downtown LA surrounded by car chases and in a beautiful house in Beverly Hills while people couldn’t help but jump in the pool. Each day buried under so much prep and surrounded(…)

Conversation With My Mother

Conversation With My Mother {0}

I guess it is only fitting that I spent Easter Sunday dinner today discussing religion vs. faith with my friends mother while her husband nodded continuously in agreement at both of us. It was enjoyable but it made me miss my own mother. I wish she was still here. I wonder what our conversations would(…)