The Karma Chronicles

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What if karmic debt is real and the powers that be are eagerly waiting to collect? It is said we all have karmic debt and we get seven years to pay it back. We have a responsibility to settle these debts, hopefully learning from our mistakes so we don’t have to go back to that chapter in the lesson book. With good karma, we do good deeds so we will reap what we sow. What about the price tag for bad karmic debt? Do we really have to spend seven lifetimes to get it right? In the first book of The Karma Chronicles, Hadrian’s Seal, a twin dies at birth and leaves her little sister behind to enter the combat zone. With her last breath comes the gift of ageless wisdom and divine intelligence. She mysteriously summons the archangels to help her and learns they were expecting her beckoning call all along.  

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Format: Paperback

For anyone who has ever asked the question, “Why me, Lord?” – put down all your spiritual self-help books right now and immerse yourself in The Karma Chronicles.

Ms. Carlson has taken on the daunting task of reminding us there is a spiritual realm at play for every human life on earth. And like JOB, we are rarely able to see what’s happening behind the scenes. But as she tackles the realities of generational curses, the vicious cycle of bad choices, and submitting to the negative talk of our personal demons, she shows us (through the life of Kate) the keys to spiritual growth are rooted in forgiveness and a constant state of thankfulness.

This is more than the story of one girl’s struggle to find meaning and purpose. Ms. Carlson “peppers” Kate’s journey with numerous magical landscapes that create layers of emotional nuances. She weaves into the story imagery of medieval folklore, of Kings and their lineage, of Angels and Archangels, and even (quite creatively) a collection of poems to help us understand the eternal perspective of Kate’s journey.

The Karma Chronicles is not just another motivational book. The concept is as genius as it is entertaining.

I look forward to the next installment!

By Indy Film Maker on February 7, 2017

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